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Occasional Green Room Gifts, and Other Perks of Aging

The TEAM is a lot older than we used to be. Time makes that true for everything, but it doesn’t make it less poignant. When we started work on A Thousand Natural Shocks in 2005, we rehearsed at 10AM in the basement of a bar. It was sticky and dark and smelled the way a […]

las vegas in june – an american geographic update

Greetings friends and family! We are happy to be back on the east coast following an extraordinary month for the company in the city of Las Vegas working on Mission Drift. This trip was amazing. We spent the majority of the month taking field trips to places like the Culinary Union offices, the Atomic Testing […]

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words from the road, across the pond

the flight was smooth. and the set and costumes made it across on their boat. we arrived in glasgow last week and set up digs at our favorite stone house on charlotte street. it was raining but spirits were warm. we had both a travel and and the next day off – a first for […]

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everything but the bug juice

the facts what? the orchard project. a residency in the catskills where the TEAM got to work on the script of THE AMERICAN CAPITALISM PROJECT all day long in a red barn. all meals were provided, and wine at night. we slept in a brown house by a creek that turned into a raging root […]

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Special Visitors OR Pastries with the Minister

This Saturday we jumpstarted our rehearsal process for the newest version of ARCHITECTING, which will make it’s US premiere in NYC this January. There were two special purposes to this rehearsal ( we start up full time towards the end of November ) : to read the newest script version out loud, and to have […]


huzzah! an honor. jake wore his wedding suit, and we all looked pretty spiffy indeed. joyce is such an incredible speaker, made me so excited about all the shows. rachel gave a perfect, moving thank you and it was lovely to look out and see the smiling faces of such a support network. coffee, and […]

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more rain, more nachos

wheelin and schemin in the trav bar. it is week two, and the day before the olympics start. it will not stop raining. libby said, i am too old to have all my clothes be soggy and marched to the army navy and now has rainboots and a jacket and i am jealous. and wet. […]

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