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From us in Edinburgh!

So today is the big TECH day.  Our first year in Edinburgh we got exactly 4 hours to tech a C Venues, including our get-in and get-out time (i.e. lugging our set, video, lights focus, etc. etc.).  Nightmare of unfinishedness.  In ’06 and now being at the fancy Traverse we get a whopping 8 hours […]

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The LIST Features The TEAM

Check out the TEAM’s first feature of the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe: a beautiful interview between Artistic Director Rachel Chavkin, Performer Frank Boyd, and Associate Director Davey Anderson. Fringe favourites The TEAM return to Edinburgh with a reimagining of Margaret Mitchell’s iconic Southern drama. Kirstin Innes caught up with them to discuss everything from Barack Obama […]

Tech Rehearsals at The Fringe

Tech Rehearsals at The Fringe

So far, Tech rehearsals have been going very well. Things are really coming together. The ensemble we’ve built over the past days, months, and years of rehearsals are coming together in really magical ways. For a preview of our work, take a look at the video below:

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