Mission Drift Reviews cont.

“This is the perfect moment to welcome back to Edinburgh the young TEAM company of New York, with their mighty new show Mission Drift… brilliantly sustained by this whole eight-strong company of performers and creators, and cheered to the echo by an audience who know that America’s physical frontier has gone, but who can recognise the thrilling frontier of 21st-century theatre when they see it.”

The Scotsman, Edinburgh

“The best show I’ve seen at the Fringe so far by a country mile is this beautifully inventive show from New York’s The TEAM”

The Daily Telegraph, London

“The ambition here is breathtaking and the energy intoxicating. A must-see.”

The Independant, London

The Guardian: Mission Drift review

“There is more than a touch of The Wizard of Oz in a show that has a magpie eye for bright and shiny cultural references, an ebullient sense of fun and a broken heart… The company fulfil all their much-hyped promise in this gorgeous, gaudy musical.”

-The Guardian
Mission Drift – review

Early Press Reactions for Mission Drift

“The TEAM (Theatre of the Emerging American Moment) have slowly but surely become the artistic conscience of a younger generation”

-The Herald
The Wheel Ten Plagues Mission Drift Futureproof Roll up, roll up for a magical history tour

“TEAM’s Mission Drift: The money markets are in meltdown. Send for Elvis”

-The Guardian
TEAM’s Mission Drift: The money markets are in meltdown. Send for Elvis

“Setting the whole enterprise to bluesy, gospel-tipped song, led by showgirl and beauty queen Miss Atomic, the razzlin’, dazzlin’, manipulative spirit of Las Vegas, the company finally achieve the huge, soaring size of their ambitions. The (collectively-done) writing is crisply poetic, and each performance sharp, focused and beautiful.”

-Edinburgh Festival Guide
The TEAM achieve the huge, soaring size of their ambitions

Architecting: “★★★★★” – The Scotsman

“The TEAM are theatrical excavators of American culture, American dreams and the American psyche, understanding the intimate connection between past and present, celluloid and reality… it is alive with ghosts, fractured, full of the winds of change, half-remembered dreams. It is tender, elegiac and tough.”

The Guardian, London

“How stimulating to wake up in 2009 in the hands of a present-tense theatercompany who knows what it’s doing…[Architecting] considers, with a refreshing lack of judgment, just what allows people to survive catastrophe, acquiring a poignancy and humanity and quietly summoning entire lives of everyday loss…In the musical moments, characters of shifting identities seem, however briefly, secure. Their voices are their own, and they fleetingly rise above the chaos of life on earth in a ritual that transcends time.”

-Ben Brantley, The New York Times

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More Architecting Press Reactions

“Enthralling and infuriating, funny and tragic, intelligent and downright lunatic – it is impossible to have a simple response to this extraordinary productionOne leaves the theatre thrilled by a company so determined to push the boundaries of theatrical possibility.”

Telegraph, London

“We are constantly told that theatre is the medium of the present tense, but this company refines that notion with terrific insight and flair. What emerges in this marvelous show underlines how sharply TEAM understand that theatre is like a magnified version of the eye of the needle through which this complex weave of consciousness is threaded. And they demonstrate this wisdom in the wit, verve and pained insight with which they bring past, present, and future in a glorious mélange of jumble and judicious ordering onto the stage at the same time…Visionary in concept and execution, this show reminds you of Tony (Angels in America) Kushner and sometimes of Robert (The Dragons’ Trilogy) Lepage.”

The Independent, London

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Particularly in the Heartland Press Reactions

“Explosive youthful energy…sheer intelligence…sense of history…radical theatricalvision…the TEAM are not afraid to invoke the values and ideas that make the liberal dream of America worth fighting for: and it’s that willingness to express idealism and hope, as well as cynicism and despair, that gives their work its special richness, and its political edge…the current American crisis has driven the TEAM to new heights of controlled madness.”

The Scotsman

“For anyone who has had it up to their Fox-scarred eyeballs with faith-based politics…Director Rachel Chavkin has a prescription…Particularly in the Heartland wants you to love thy frickin’ neighbor… the spirited TEAM soon explodes into the unexpected: They create people real enough to sustain an in-character audience Q&A and compassionate enough to infect a blasé public with their openheart- edness. Simultaneously intelligent, rueful, celebratory, delightful and devastatingly sad,the show actually lives up to its ambitions. If after Heartland we can’t put the “us” back in “U.S.,” we’ll no longer have Kansas to blame.”

– Time Out New York

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“Orphans, Aliens, & a Kennedy”

“Particularly in the Heartland,” this weekend’s offering Ice Factory, Soho Think Tank’s annual summer festival, makes a particularly strong case for the virtues and rewards of new theater. Created and performed by the shockingly talented ensemble, the TEAM, winners of the 2005 Fringe First Awards in Edinburgh, the piece is unconventional drama at its very best.

—Iris Brooks, The New York Sun, July 21, 2006, full article

“The Importance of Being Heartfelt”

TEAM stands for Theater of the Emerging American Moment. Using a company-created collage of media, texts, original writing, song and movement, the TEAM explores, sends up and celebrates the American experience. The company doesn’t bash; it pokes and explores. In “Architecting” it pokes at race and reconstruction, legacy and loss.

—Gwen Orel, The New York Times, January 7, 2009, full article

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WE GOT 5 STARS!! and hiked Arthur’s Seat

Well, okay, all of us got 5 stars from the Scotsman, which is the paper that awards the Fringe First – but NOT all of us did the morn hike.

A winded Matty, Jill and Rachel

The seat was beautiful, but I think far more excting was the 5-star review from Joyce McMillan, the head reviewer for the Scotsman.  She has given us wonderful 4-star reviews in the past – and all the reviews here frankly are hugely erudite criticism of the work itself (vs. say, how sexy a movie actress looks onstage) and are generally always gratifying in some way – but to receive a 5-star was extraordinarily meaningful.  I got handed an EARLY edition of the paper at 2am in the Trav bar Sunday night, and my head nearly exploded.

In general reviews have been beautiful, tho often with less stars.  A quote from the METRO today (4-stars): “Architecting is bewildering, relentless and hugely relevant…It’s a stunning effort from a company totally at ease documenting America.”

The LIST Features The TEAM

The TEAM Plays

Check out the TEAM’s first feature of the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe: a beautiful interview between Artistic Director Rachel Chavkin, Performer Frank Boyd, and Associate Director Davey Anderson.

Fringe favourites The TEAM return to Edinburgh with a reimagining of Margaret Mitchell’s iconic Southern drama. Kirstin Innes caught up with them to discuss everything from Barack Obama to Scarlett O’Hara.

Picture the scene. A run-down little bar in post-Katrina New Orleans. Just like every night, the usual drunks and barflies hanging around: a passionate Southern nationalist; a faded beauty queen; a bitter Hollywood screenwriter; Henry Adams, the 19th century political thinker and historian; Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone with the Wind. Oh, and two venture capitalists called Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara, making a fast buck off the rebuilding of a city . . .

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