Producing Director

The TEAM, an experimental laboratory theatre collective, seeks the Spirit of a Producer in the shape of an Octopus: a driver, weaver, writer, thinker, strategist, capitalist anti-capitalist, organizer who is CURIOUS AF and sometimes funny.

We need someone who wants to grow and get messy with us.

The TEAM seeks a dynamic, passionate, and thoughtful individual to join us as Producing Director to work in partnership with the TEAM’s Artistic Director Rachel Chavkin, artistic leaders within the collective, and the TEAM’s Board of Directors to help fulfill the company’s mission to create new work about the experience of living in the United States today, and to continue the living experiment of putting anti-oppressive and creative ideals into practical “get-shit-done” producing practices.

This is a big job, and we know one person may not do it all. There will be funding for additional hire(s) to support any applicant. Historically the TEAM has had at least one full-time and one part-time employee in the office, as well as additional contractor support.

Status: Salaried, Full-time (approx 40 hrs/week, expanding or slightly contracting based TEAM programming, and responsive to the life of the applicant)

Location: Brooklyn

Start Date: November 2022

Reports To: Artistic Director, Board of Directors

Salary: $65,000 – $73,000 commensurate with experience

Benefits: $600 per month health insurance contribution

This is a hybrid position, with flexibility to be remote and to work out of the TEAM’s office at ART/NY’s South Oxford Space in Fort Greene. The position will be on-site during workshop and performance periods.


The TEAM is a small, 17-year-old collective that thrives along its growing edges and punches above its weight. It is a home for a large eclectic group of artists and thinkers for whom the TEAM is a lab where we build practices that we take with us into divergent corners of our careers. The TEAM’s evolution is an ongoing process, and we are looking for someone interested in helping to run this unwieldy experiment, and passionate about building organizational systems that strive to embody the values of our collective liberation. We have made mistakes, learned from each of them, and try to share these learnings with our larger communities with the dual goals of accountability and solidarity in evolution(s).

The TEAM’s mission is to collaboratively create, produce and tour new works about the experience of living in the United States today. Led by Artistic Director Rachel Chavkin, and spirited by some of the most wild and deep artists making today, we have created and toured 11 works, including Mission Drift, RoosevElvis, and Primer for a Failed Superpower. Current TEAM programming includes but is not limited to: the development of our newest “mainstage” work  Reconstructing (Still Working but the Devil Might Be Inside) which includes a writing team of 23 artists, 14 of whom are artists of Color and 9 of whom are white-identifying; The Petri Projects Program, an artist-driven new work development lab open to artists with whom the TEAM has previously collaborated; and the recording and distribution of Live From Mount Olympus, a Podcast of Greek-myths told for today and aimed for audiences aged 9-13.


The Producing Director will be the organizational center of the TEAM, and will have the opportunity to build deep relationships with eclectic group of artists, and with industry stakeholders across the globe. They will work in close collaboration with the Artistic Director (Chavkin), Reconstructing Process Director Jillian Walker, Reconstructing Co-Director Zhailon Levingston, and collaborating artists. They are the organizational center, but they are not all by themselves: they are supported by a very active board, additional staff, and the collective of artists.

Our ethos is “how we make is as important as what we make.” This position is geared towards individuals who are passionate about collective arts ecosystems and are interested and skilled in multiple aspects of producing theater, ie MAKING SH*T HAPPEN, and CARING FOR MANY PEOPLE WHILE DOING SO.

As art makers and as an organization, we want to center historically underrepresented voices, in particular communities of Color, people from working class backgrounds, LGBTQ+ people, and people with disabilities. We strongly encourage applications from people from these or other historically underrepresented communities, and we welcome neurodiversity and a range of abilities across our candidate pool. The TEAM was founded by white artists, and we are working in partnership with facilitators rooted in anti-oppression work to disrupt white-supremacist and colonial structures within our institution. This includes an ongoing effort to restructure our institution, as we have abolished our membership structure.  The Producing Director will have regular access to a trained leadership coach focusing on anti-racism and anti-oppression practices.


  • You are ready to think with us, and to think about what “us” can mean.
  • You love to write.
  • You are the prompter, not the prompted.
  • You have an interest in exploring and inventing new ways for institutions to holistically support artists.
  • You are curious and passionate about building sustainable organizational practices and systems of care, including for yourself.
  • You thrive wearing multiple hats and performing different roles at different times. You can manage deadlines and prioritize for yourself and others.
  • You are multidimensional. Dynamic. Flexible. Curious.
  • You are a creative and skilled communicator with artists and other community members.
  • You move at the speed of trust (adrienne maree brown) – which can be fast sometimes.
  • You can see the big picture and the details simultaneously and keep a close eye on both.
  • You have a commitment to anti-racism and anti-oppression principles and practices.
  • You’re going to make mistakes. We’re going to make mistakes. You are willing to try anyway.

Does this feel like you? We want to hear from you! Not sure you meet 100% of our qualifications but are pretty sure you’d be a badass leader nonetheless?? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! We know there are great candidates that may not have all of the qualifications listed above but possess intuitive knowledge or other fully transferable skills. If that’s you, or if you believe you could excel in this role, we encourage you to apply and tell us about yourself.

ROLE RESPONSIBILITIES. The Producing Director will do or supervise the following: 


  • Produce upcoming developmental workshops and out of town residencies on Reconstructing and, with creative team,  plan and execute next development steps, premiere production, and national and international touring.
  • Maintain active communication with presenting partners and other external stakeholders.
  • Lead company management for all TEAM projects, including travel planning and caring for artists by both anticipating and responding to needs.
  • Work with external Lead Producer of the Live From Mount Olympus podcast to coordinate and manage casting, scheduling, recording, post-production, and marketing.
  • Lead the Petri Projects program, implementing an artist-driven process for selecting and allocating funding to projects.
  • Produce a selection of Petri Projects (budgets ranging from $5-10k)

Financial and General Management

  • Create and manage annual operating budget, providing quarterly financial reports to Board and Finance Committee
  • Oversee external bookkeeper and financial management company, including accounts receivable/payable, cash flow, reconciliations, payroll and tax filings/reporting, and annual audit process.
  • Manage and negotiate all contracting with external agents, including: all artists and production staff, AEA, SDC, SAG-AFTRA, presenters and co-producers, leases, vendors, etc.

Company and Board Management

  • Serve as the primary conductor of information between the artistic community and the Board, keeping all stakeholders updated on upcoming artistic development/performances, fundraising events and goals, teaching workshops, and company-related news.

Development & Fundraising

  • Manage day-to-day individual and institutional fundraising records.
  • Help identify and cultivate donor and board prospects, new grant opportunities, and maintain existing relationships.
  • Design and execute end-of-year annual fundraising campaign.
  • Prepare and submit grant proposals, budgets, and reports, and maintain regular communication with existing and potential government and foundation funders.
  • Guide board committees through conceiving and planning fundraising events.


  • Create design collateral for workshops, fundraising campaigns, Petri Projects, and TEAM mainstage work.
  • Run the TEAM’s social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook), including the planning and creation of content and working collaboratively with artists.

This job is executed on the following platforms: Word, Zoom, Dropbox, Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks, Salesforce, and Teamwork. Experience with these platforms is a plus. Basic knowledge of design platforms, such as InDesign, Canva, Adobe Spark, etc. is also a plus

TO APPLY: Send cover letter and resume, work history, or biography, to Artistic Director Rachel Chavkin and the Search Committee at, by October 8th.