A Playlist for 2017 from the Primer TEAM

After 5+ years of development, reboots, and workshops, Primer for a Failed Superpower will happen this August 22 and 23 at Roulette in Brooklyn. It’s an all-ages community concert featuring a multigenerational ensemble of teenagers, TEAM performers, and Baby Boomers performing new adaptations of iconic protest songs.

We’ve commissioned an amazing and diverse group of composers to create the set list–including Heather Christian (Mission Drift), Justin Ellington (Fetch Clay Make Man), Stephanie Ryan Johnstone (I’ll Never Love Again), Amy León (Something Melancholy), Martha Redbone and Aaron Whitby (Bone Hill), Stew and Heidi Rodewald (Passing Strange), and Yva Las Vegass (I Was Born In A Place Of Sunshine And The Smell Of Ripe Mangoes). And our three-generation cover band is comprised of individuals from Brooklyn and across New York City, some veteran performers, and some taking the stage for the first time.

Together, we’ll be playing songs that have celebrated and challenged what it means to be an American throughout our country’s past and present. Songs that exercise the muscles in our hearts and lungs, and rally us for the challenges ahead.

Make a Donation to Help Us Complete PRIMER in 2017

Here are some songs for 2017 collected by our Primer team that are carrying us, giving us hope, keeping us fighting, and won’t get out of our heads:

Your donation directly supports this project—from compensating our performers and collaborators at a living wage, to commissioning our incredible composers, to providing childcare for TEAM families, to buying pizzas for our multigenerational band rehearsals, to making sure we can keep ticket prices affordable.

Make a Donation to Help Us Complete PRIMER in 2017

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