Past Petri Projects

Check out these extraordinary projects that have been part of our Petri Projects!

  • The Headless Woman: led by Ching Valdes-Aran
  • Anniversary Play: A Coming of the Next Age Story: led by Brittany Coyne & Sarah Gallegos
  • On A Bad Day in April: led by SB Tennent
  • West Charleston Zine: led by Crystal Good and Amy Brooks & Hilarie Spangler of Cardinal Cross
  • Bette in the Distant Futurepast: led by Marika Kent
  • J/D or Jonathan and David: led by Nehemiah Luckett
  • Travels: Stories to Dance By: led by James Harrison Monaco
  • Rumors of War: led by Camilo Quiroz-Vazquez & Ellpetha Tsivicos of One Whale’s Tale
  • Tinca Tinca: led by Travis Tench
  • Aren’t You Glad You Stayed (In.): led by Ema Zivkovic
  • P_T _ND V_NN_ (pat and vanna): led by Jessica Almasy & Sanaz Ghajar (2020 Season)
  • Live From Lodge #274: Holiday Raffle: led by Frank Boyd (2021 Season)
  • An Exit Ticket: led by Jill Frutkin with Modesto “Flako” Jimenez (2019 Season)
  • Mercedes: led by Modesto “Flako” Jimenez (2021 Season)
  • Untitled Amelia Earhart Project: led by Libby King & Zhailon Levingston (2021 Season)
  • The Hole: led by Zhailon Levingston (2019 Season)
  • Quince: led by Camilo Quiroz-Vazquez & Ellpetha Tsivicos (2021 season)

Support for the Petri Projects Program is provided by the Axe-Houghton Foundation and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.