Devising Within a Democracy

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Photo credit: Em Watson

We create all of our work collaboratively through a variety of strategies including physical and verbal improvisation, solo and group writing assignments, and character and movement compositions. In a final production it is nearly impossible to trace any one line of dialogue or image back to a single author’s hand.

Our Devising Within a Democracy workshop immerses participants in a mini devising process, providing tools and strategies for solo and group creation, working through delicate issues of collaboration and authorship, and bridging into the editing and synthesizing process. Devising Within a Democracy is open to artists at all levels of experience.

Topics covered in Devising Within A Democracy:

  • Moving from intellectual or thematic ideas to dynamic theatrical moments
  • Generating material through physical and written assignments
  • Cultivating an ensemble bond and navigating emotional waters amidst a process
  • Strategies for editing as a group
  • Building Dances
  • Writing on your feet (and other approaches to improvisation)

From past participants:

“We are so happy we were offered this opportunity to work with you and learn about the TEAM, new techniques, and to discuss producing. We all feel completely inspired to continue to expand the way we work and how we work…You offer such thoughtful insight combined with an incredible sense of vision.”  Chris Peak, Cock and Bull

“Thank you. I really enjoyed it, and came away with some very practical thoughts that I’m already using to think about our next show.”

Both public and private sessions are available. For more information on private workshops, please email

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