“The TEAM have slowly but surely become the artistic conscience of a younger generation.”
—The Herald

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Heartland Egg

the TEAM at 10: Jill On Eggs…

Over the month of December, as the TEAM celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary, the company will share their favorite memories from the last 10 years. Our first contribution comes from Jill who reminisces on Particularly in the Heartland and particularly on eggs…


American Theatre Wing Grantees!

UPDATED: We are proud and pleased to share that the TEAM is 1 of 12 recipients of the American Theatre Wing’s National Theatre Company Grant. We’re in tremendous company, with our friends at Ars Nova, Red Bull Theatre, and Keen Company in New York, and others from across the country. We’re thrilled and honored by the recognition of the American Theatre Wing, and grateful for their generous support.

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