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Reconstruction Artist Q&A: Jhanaë Bonnick & Rachel Chavkin

Our second interview is with artists Jhanaë Bonnick and Rachel Chavkin In this interview, Jhanaë discusses with Rachel things such as how directing works in the Reconstruction room, research material they are both obsessed with, and mentorship. To turn on video captions, click the button marked “CC.” For the full interview transcript please read below. […]

Reconstruction Artist Q&A: Jhanaë Bonnick & Jerome Ellis

We’ve started a small interview series with some of our extraordinary artists working on Reconstruction (Still Working but the Devil Might Be Inside). In this first video, writers and artists Jerome Ellis and Jhanaë Bonnick discuss past Reconstruction development, the crucial work Jhanaë has been doing during the pandemic, and quarantine baking. To turn on […]

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Quince in the News!

We are delighted by the write-ups that our Petri Project, Quince received. It was a delight to work with Camilo Quiroz-Vazquez and Ellpetha Tsivicos on their work and exploring the ways we can safely enjoy live theater during the pandemic. Check out the post for press articles!