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A note from our assistant director, end of year in the TEAM room

I’ve been lucky enough to spend pretty much the entire month of December with the TEAM. I couldn’t think of a better way to close out 2012. For me, the past few weeks have been a matter of juggling my involvement in two of the TEAM’s long term projects, Primer For a Failed Superpower and […]

Columbo Sphinx: best questioner ever.

The TEAM Needs You…

…To answer a few questions. In the history of great question askers, Det. Columbo, that student that’s always hanging out with Socrates, The Sphinx, we at the The TEAM have come up with 3 quick, down and dirty questions that will help us in our quest to bring our shows to audiences and bring audiences […]

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Updates from the Bad/Grace/Land

I’m writing from the Apple store where they’re helping me organize my 105,000+ emails that I’ve never deleted or organized. Unsure what people mean when they say “archive”… This morn we were back in rehearsals for RoosevElvis, our new duet featuring Libby and Kristen as Elvis and Theodore Roosevelt, respectively. We’re preparing to head to […]

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RoosevElvis rehearsals have begun!

Just a quick note and a couple pics to say RoosevElvis rehearsals have begun at the Bushwick Starr in Brooklyn. Kristen, Libby, Jake M., Matt, Tater Dave, and I have been working in the beautiful upstairs room since Thursday. Nick was with us on the first day gathering images. Our assistant director Kevin Hourigan has […]

The TEAM’s Spring 2012 Benefit Auction is LIVE!

The TEAM is proud to announce our Spring 2012 Online Auction via Bidding for Good! You could win a week at a beach house, a ski-getaway only 90 min from NYC, a day with a professional designer re-envisioning your home and wardrobe (plus a gift card), or a couple stunning pieces of visual art. CLICK […]

Hey Hound-Dogs, our HUNKA HUNKA Burning Benefit is here!

It’s time for our annual spring benefit at the incredible New York City Fire Museum (@278 Spring Street)! It’s gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight: Come eat and drink like Elvis, play poker, dance, and support the development of 5 new works, including: RoosevElvis, Primer for a Failed Superpower, and Waiting […]

TEAM Artistic Director Rachel Chavkin on LMCC panel April 11th

Rachel will be speaking about “the Intersection of Art, Money, and Politics” at the LMCC’s upcoming Access Restricted panel on Wednesday April 11th at 7pm. Event Description: The intersection of Broad and Wall, where Federal Hall sits across from the New York Stock Exchange, serves as a physical representation of the proximity of money and […]

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The TEAM on NPR!

During the final week of the Mission Drift run in New York City, Heather Christian and I went over to the NPR Studios. We were both extremely excited, but Heather can testify to the fact that my face almost shattered I was so giddy. With eyes wide we followed Margot Adler as she gave us […]