RoosevElvis rehearsals have begun!

Just a quick note and a couple pics to say RoosevElvis rehearsals have begun at the Bushwick Starr in Brooklyn. Kristen, Libby, Jake M., Matt, Tater Dave, and I have been working in the beautiful upstairs room since Thursday. Nick was with us on the first day gathering images. Our assistant director Kevin Hourigan has been gathering footage of eccentric exercises for Teddy, and Starr assistants Rachel and Eileen have been transcribing the work Kristen and Libby are doing.

There’s a lot we still don’t know about the two men. We’ve watched a number of Elvis documentaries (best thus far was Elvis ’56). Now onto Love Me Tender. Workshop is Monday June 4th. Then London…

One Response to RoosevElvis rehearsals have begun!

  1. How exciting. Just booked a ticket to see this in London in July. I saw Mission Drift at Edinburgh last year and it was the best piece of theatre I’ve seen for years. Good luck with rehearsals!