Petri Projects

pp-temp-graphicThe TEAM’s Petri Projects program was launched in 2017 and allows the company to foster a pipeline of inquiry and development into new performance work led by a variety of company artists. The program is structured as a laboratory in which the company and its invited collaborators can explore new ideas or concepts to create either future company projects or independent work, and to receive the vital feedback that sheds light on its integrity.

Jill Frutkin’s AN EXIT TICKET


AN EXIT TICKET is a rigorous long form stand up / memoir / performance art / dance / rant experiment focusing on the public education systems in America, particularly in New York, and the journey of two experimental theatre artists through its trenches. AN EXIT TICKET is written by founding company member Jill Frutkin, directed by long time collaborator Jessica Almasy. Writer / actor / teacher / activist Modesto Flako Jimenez joins the writing team and cast.


  • Workshop Development Residency | Nov 26-Dec 8, 2018
  • Workshop Showing |  Dec 7 & 8, 2018, 8-10pm @ ART/NY South Oxford Studio G

Zhailon Levingston’s THE HOLE


The Hole explores the relationship and personal struggles of two inmates in solitary confinement as experienced through their illusions, memories, dreams, nightmares, and delusions. A loose riff on Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, this play explores what happens when the walls of prison rub up against the walls of identity and how forbidden love can be a violent thing. The Hole is a quest to examine some of the messy and controversial themes of the play through the perspective of black folk in America.

2018 | Workshop Production @ The Ice Factory | August 1-4