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At The Barbican!

We’re off to our first day of Tech at the Barbican in London!  Glasgow was excellent – all sold out runs full of really excited university students who felt that our work was really speaking to what they want to be making in the art world.  It was so much fun to be back with our friends at the National Theatre of Scotland and at the Arches!

In London we are staying in the hippest loft and apartments imaginable in a rad neighborhood called Hoxton, right in the middle of everything, and a 15 minute walk from the theater.  And the theater . . . wow.  It is just beautiful and staffed by wonderful people.  It truly felt like we were part of the theater community here when Libby and Frank recognized the man who works the Stage Door Desk as a performer who had put up a Scratch of one of his plays the same night that we first presented a Scratch of Architecting!

City of London,

Jake Margolin