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“Orphans, Aliens, & a Kennedy”

“Particularly in the Heartland,” this weekend’s offering Ice Factory, Soho Think Tank’s annual summer festival, makes a particularly strong case for the virtues and rewards of new theater. Created and performed by the shockingly talented ensemble, the TEAM, winners of the 2005 Fringe First Awards in Edinburgh, the piece is unconventional drama at its very […]

“The Importance of Being Heartfelt”

TEAM stands for Theater of the Emerging American Moment. Using a company-created collage of media, texts, original writing, song and movement, the TEAM explores, sends up and celebrates the American experience. The company doesn’t bash; it pokes and explores. In “Architecting” it pokes at race and reconstruction, legacy and loss. —Gwen Orel, The New York […]

“Architecting: Meet the A-team”

Architecting is layered, onion skin-like, with literary and political references to Margaret Mitchell’s epic novel Gone With the Wind and therefore to the American Civil War and the period of Reconstruction that followed the conflict. It explores themes of nation building and feminism, as well as introducing characters such as a contemporary anarchist architect and […]

“Particularly in the Heartland” Reviewed in Time Out New York

For anyone who has had it up to their Fox-scarred eyeballs with faith-based politics…Director Rachel Chavkin has a prescription…Particularly in the Heartland wants you to love thy frickin’ neighbor…the spirited TEAM soon explodes into the unexpected: They create people real enough to sustain an in-character audience Q&A and compassionate enough to infect a blase public […]

“Americans at the festival explore their government’s role in fueling the fires of conflict … both at home and abroad”

Explosive youthful energy…sheer intelligence…sense of history…radical theatrical vision…the TEAM are not afraid to invoke the values and ideas that make the liberal dream of America worth fighting for: and it’s that willingness to express idealism and hope, as well as cynicism and despair, that gives their work its special richness, and its political edge…the current […]

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