Governor’s Island/LMCC Residency

I walked through the financial district on my way to rehearsal this morning. I was struck by the architecture of risk taking: massive overhangs supported by a thread, sharp angles so jaunty as to appear arrogant. I passed a sculpture of compacted cubes of destroyed auto parts hanging from the roof of a massive skyscraper. I think it resonates with a different meaning now, after the fragmenting of the American auto industry over the past few years, than perhaps the artist originally intended…

On Governor’s Island, we’re working to inject the draft of Mission Drift that we developed in Vegas with the sense of danger and unintended consequences I saw across the Hudson. Our goal is to fuse the violence and arrogance of the work we did in summer 2009 at the Almeida Theater in London with the epic sprawl that we discovered in Vegas. For those of you who saw our work-in-progress showing at the Ohio Theater’s final Ice Factory Festival this summer, the final show is going to be very different—but then again, we wouldn’t be the TEAM if we didn’t throw out three fully-formed versions of a play before coming up with the final product!

For any of you interested and in New York, we’re having two readings of the play next Thursday and Friday, November 4 and 5 at 2:45. You’ll have to RSVP (and catch the ferry) to come see, and seating is extremely limited so contact us soon! Full information is on the LMCC website. Hope to see you there!


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