i love edinburgh because…

the whole city smells like a baked potato ( especially at night )

the festival is off to a great start. our flat is huge, real world style.  nick, jake and jake sit at the long table cutting out pieces of the cathedral model and patiently glueing them together.

frank, also patient, teaches me guitar. some residents of 65 york place might be sick of the opening lick to angie, but i am surely not. the fly strip is winning the hourly war against the insects and we watch that instead of tv.

the nachos in the traverse bar ( an often meal ) are different this year and we are split on this issue. i for one enjoy my nachos made with UK cool ranch doritos.

we have seen so many old friends! jackie, lorne, brian, steve…we even get to run into brian backstage in between travs 1 and 2 during our shows!

the show is going well. we are sweating more than ever ( thank you traverse laundry and wardrobe! ) and boast daily Architecting scrapes and bruises.

i am having fun and learning a lot.


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