Officially opened!

So yesterday we had our official press opening, which in Edinburgh means a huge audience filled primarily with intelligent and intimidatingly stone-faced journalists taking notes during the show.  There was definitely audible response, tho not laughter quite on the scale with our first preview.  But this is to be expected.  Now we’re just in the super fun waiting game.  Our first review will probably be in the Observer this Sunday – no one is sleeping too much in the household with nerves…or maybe that’s just me.  But it’s really getting fun to see how intellectualism and emotionality fight with each other in this show.  Against the sheer heart of Particularly in the Heartland (no pun intended!) it is an odd journey to be doing a show that does not have the same raw emotion.  And yet there’s a layer of Architecting‘s life that we’ve not even begun to scratch the surface of yet.  Which is an exciting place to be.  I’m looking forward to watching the cast really start to play with each other in the coming days.

We are selling out shows which is of course gratifying, and have all bought tickets to the Traverse program.  Beyond that we’re waiting a day or two for some guidance, altho Frankie saw what sounds like an amazing music show last night with an African drummer and Latin guitar player.  A group of us are going to head over to the venue tonight to check it out.

Saw the Alameida’s production of Adam Rapp’s Nocturne which was so beautifully written and performed.  Funny seeing such an intimate show in the same space a few hours after the shambolic mess that is Architecting.  Got to hang out with a few of our Riot Group friends, Steph and Drew, which was awesome – we’re looking forward to seeing the show they did with the Arches.


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