Sitting at a table in Annaghmakerring

I almost spelled the name of the location correctly without looking (this title is correct – at least, from an Irish woman!)

So I am learning quickly what a glorious thing an artists’ retreat is.  Wishing I was a playwright to get to do these more often!  Tonight we had left-overs from lunch for dinner and just gathered and talked and of course that is still continuing on in the kitchen.  I shared wine with the three “facilitators” (master artist folks) at one end of the table and was lucky enough to just hear stories of these wild pieces unlike anything I have ever encountered in America.  I don’t know if that’s going on in the visual art or dance worlds and I just don’t know about it, but these works sound (and look – we got to watch video from this unbelievable archive one of the facilitators has with him) so incredible – simple.  Elegant. Talked about Lone Twin.  Jerome Bel.  Inspiring.

Tomorrow Jess and I begin work on THE AMERICAN CAPITALISM PROJECT – my hope is to get a bunch of writing assignments out to the company in preparation for our upcoming workshop at the BRICLab in April.


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