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still at the bloody theatre

it’s about 9:45pm now.  we arrived at 12:30 to perfrom at 1:30, then we at nachos at the cafe/bar here at the traverse and then we saw a play here called “Pornography” (about the bombings on 7-7) and now we’re back for a 10pm showing of Daniel Kitson’s piece “66a Church Street”.  so that means that when we finally get the hell out of here today it will have been nearly a 12 hour session at ye olde Traverse Theatre.  And that’s the vibe.  We did leave for a great dinner with rachel’s pop and grandpa.  thanks for the nourishment Mr. Chavkin(s).  it really is a vibrant scene here at the traverse.  i love this atmosphere.  and i miss my woman.  hello ni.  okay, time to get in line for the show.  ciao.  go USA (at the olympics in particular).