We are making an album and need your support!

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Having just finished our preview at ArtsEmerson, we’re kind of over the moon. We had a small invited audience, and the feedback was extraordinarily helpful. I know I heard one of the most profound and erudite comments we’ve ever received. Like so many conversations I’ve had before, this gentleman launched in saying “I loved so much about the work, but here’s my problem…” And then he articulated how the piece moved between three narrative levels: a concrete contemporary story, a historical saga, and legend. He said that he felt we had a major piece of text, in which a character tells a myth about two ancient gods, in the wrong place in the play. The moment in the play he was describing is a moment that’s been around for a year, and is beloved by the company, but we haven’t QUITE been able to wrestle it into place. And it was amazing to hear him describe it that way because suddenly this thing we’d been working with instinctively comes into focus on a conscious level. We’re now entering the last editing phase, continuing to trim, and continuing to shape the movement of the show. And then, LISBON. COIMBRA. EDINBURGH. SALZBURG.

Please donate, get yourself a copy of the Mission Drift Cast Album, and help us cross the finish line…


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