We’re Hiring!

The TEAM is looking for a new part-time Assistant Producer to join our administrative team. Information is below. Please apply by July 23, 2021.

Assistant Producer
Status: Hourly, Part-Time
Location: Brooklyn
Start Date: mid-September, 2021
Reports To: Producing Director
Salary: $20 per hour; 16 hours per week
Benefits: $200 per month health insurance contribution
Schedule: Weekly schedule is flexible in consultation with the Producing Director and workload ebbs and flows with our programming.

The TEAM seeks a dynamic and motivated individual for a part-time Assistant Producer. The Assistant Producer will work in partnership with the TEAM’s Producing Director and Producing Manager. In this role, the Associate Producer will help advance the company’s mission to create new work about the experience of living in the United States today.


The TEAM is a 16-year-old internationally recognized theatre company. Our mission is to collaboratively create new works about the experience of living in the United States today. Combining aggressive athleticism with emotional performances and intellectual rigor, our work crashes characters from history and mythology into modern stories, drawing unexpected connections across time to touch the raw nerves of the current moment. Our work is rooted in place-based research, and by returning to the places we visit with the finished work, we hope to create a genuine exchange between different communities in America. Led by Tony-award winning Artistic Director Rachel Chavkin, we have created and toured 11 works, including Mission Drift, RoosevElvis, and Primer for a Failed Superpower.

As an organization, we acknowledge that collective liberation is not a state, but an ongoing struggle to do better, be more just, interrogate our practices and assumptions, and be willing to make regular changes to how we do things in the face of what we find we’re doing well or poorly. With our project Reconstruction (Still Working but the Devil Might Be Inside), we’ve been experimenting with putting these values into practice and endeavoring to create a space that is not only anti-racist but actively pro-Black, through strategies like hiring an anti-racism facilitator to lead workshops and act as a “process chaplain” while embedded full-time in the rehearsal room, having a team comprised equally of Black/BIPOC identifying artists and white-identifying artists, engaging in daily constituency groups, and participating in rituals of healing and mourning. We are currently working with our board and community of artists to reflect these commitments at all levels of our institution; click here to learn more about our ongoing commitments and work.


The Assistant Producer will work in close collaboration with the Producing Director, Artistic Director and Producing Manager in handling the day-to-day operations of the TEAM, an internationally-renowned devised theatre company. The position will have responsibilities in the areas of fundraising, marketing, line producing, company management, and general administration. This position is geared primarily towards early career producers who are looking for an opportunity to strengthen their line producing, general management and fundraising skills through hands-on working experience.

Current TEAM programming includes but is not limited to: the development of our newest mainstage work Reconstruction (Still Working but the Devil Might Be Insides) which includes a writing team of 23 artists, 14 of whom are artists of Color and 9 of whom are white-identifying; The Petri Project’s Program, an artist-driven new work development lab; the recording and distribution of Live From Mount Olympus, a Greek-Myth Podcast aimed for audiences aged 9-13; Devising within a Democracy Workshops to emerging and mid-career artists; and the touring of existing TEAM repertoire. The Associate Producer will be a key employee within our small institution and the position will allow for extensive skills-building and learning in many different areas of not-for-profit producing, as well as the opportunity to build relationships with industry stakeholders across the globe. We seek a thought partner to help the company innovate with regard to program delivery, as we endeavor to serve our artists and community.

The position is part-time, but will allow the Associate Producer to take leadership roles on various projects, and to receive one-on-one mentorship from the Producing Director, Artistic Director, Producing Manager and TEAM Board.

As art makers and as an organization, we want to center historically underrepresented voices, in particular communities of Color, people from working class backgrounds, LGBTQ+ people, and the differently abled. We strongly encourage applications from people from these or other historically underrepresented communities. The TEAM was founded by white artists and our current staff members are all white-identifying. However, we are working in partnership with facilitators rooted in anti-oppression work to disrupt white-supremacist and colonial structures within our institution. This includes meetings with our Reconstruction Process Chaplain to dream about new structures for our institution, as we have abolished our ensemble structure.  Additionally, TEAM staff, including this role, will be supported by monthly meetings with facilitators focusing on anti-oppression practices.


Development & Fundraising Support

  • Manage day to day individual and institutional fundraising records
  • Assist in grant applications and reports for institutional funders
  • Help design individual fundraising campaign, such as an annual end of calendar year campaign, with a focus on visual design
  • Coordinate logistics for fundraising events such as volunteer sign-ups, scheduling, décor, catering drop-offs, etc.


  • Create design collateral for workshops, fundraising campaigns, Petri Projects, and TEAM mainstage work
  • Collaborate with Producing Manager to execute social media tasks for the TEAM, including the planning and creation of content

Line Producing

  • Lead Produce a selection of Petri Projects (budgets ranging from $5-10k) through our Petri Projects Program
  • Attend virtual recording sessions and coordinate logistics for the Live from Mount Olympus podcast
  • Help with company management tasks for mainstage development work including employee paperwork, rehearsal and travel logistics, etc.

Office Management

  • Order supplies, marketing collateral, and office equipment as needed
  • Training, Data entry and support of Salesforce database


  • You are curious, creative, and adaptable.
  • You can manage deadlines and prioritize for yourself and others.
  • You can see the big picture and the details simultaneously and keep a close eye on both.
  • You’re going to make mistakes. We’re going to make mistakes. You are willing to try anyway.
  • A strong team player.
  • A commitment to anti-racism and anti-oppression principles and practices.
  • Social media savvy with experience working across social media and communications platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Mailchimp or other e-blast services
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • This job is executed on the following platforms: Microsoft Excel, Word, Zoom, Dropbox, Quickbooks, Salesforce etc. Experience with these platforms is a plus.
  • Basic knowledge of design platforms, such as InDesign, Canva, Adobe Spark, etc. is also a plus

This position has the flexibility to work at the TEAM’s office at ART/NY’s South Oxford Space in Fort Greene or virtually.

TO APPLY: Send cover letter and resume with two references to Alexandra Lalonde, Producing Director at hello@theteamplays.org, by July 23, 2021.

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