words from the road, across the pond

the flight was smooth. and the set and costumes made it across on their boat.

we arrived in glasgow last week and set up digs at our favorite stone house on charlotte street. it was raining but spirits were warm. we had both a travel and and the next day off – a first for the TEAM. we have toured enough now to know that going to the grocery store first thing is a necessity.

i stayed on the top floor in a flat i have before. it is all pink and old and i love it. i have had the pleasure of having ms lana lesley as my roomie and we are cohabiting famously.we have grand coffee talks.

having the day off to recover from the let jag made a big difference in the quality of our health and of getting to work the next day. it was wonderful to be back at the Arches and walk by the rehearsal rooms where many characters in this play were born. we got to see clem and davey and rosa – who was 2 weeks old when we last met her and is now 15 months and quite the buddha baby. we played settlers of catan and busted out the famous grouse. our shows had full audiences of enthusiastic people, and many young students. we closed on halloween afternoon, and jackie and lj threw us a fab dinner party that night. i often refer to champagne as bubbles, but now i know here it is called fizz. and we had us some fizz.

lana had her first performances as margaret mitchell and she was wonderful. on the second night, i slipped on a coat and spilled an entire tray of drinks on jake. she won the prize for best onstage adlib during this ruckus. ” i wish we had drinks”

we flew to london on nov 1 and we delighted to find that our flats here have internet. it’s the little things, people. a french press and internet do a lot for me.the gals are staying in two little but clean and beautifully decorated studios. the gents are upstairs in a loft straight out of the real world, complete with taxidermied animal heads, a wooden stove and bean bag chairs.

we are playing at the Barbican here, which is a big step for us and a dream come true. we are in the small theatre in the basement, and it’s a perfect place for the show. i get to enter a separate building labeled stagedoor and it’s a fancy feeling. there is even a cafeteria for the people working there. again, the little things.

the shows have been great, and the audiences full and receptive. during our talk back night, there were several people who were fans of the show and had seen it in edinburgh last summer! also people who had seen heartland! hearing people speak so intelligently about our work is incredibly humbling and inspiring.

we have a week more of shows here and then to lisbon. we have a few days off there before we start work, which is very exciting. i have heard nothing but good things about this city.

for now, i am enjoying london and its beautiful markets – ah, the cheese! the flowers! the friends! the show!

love to everyone –


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