A woman trapped on a treadmill. She is in the web of the Directorate of Time, an all too real subset of the United States Military, responsible for maintaining time in the country. Inspired by James Gleick’s bestseller Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything, Faster is a metaphysical romp through both time and memory.

Alice, fractured by catastrophe, exists on many planes and is portrayed by three actresses. One has not left her house in over a year and desperately reaches out one night to the only soul she can find, a 411 operator. Another is stuck reliving the same relationship again and again, both moments of distance and moments of joy. The last is running on a treadmill, driven faster and faster by the demons of regret and efficiency.

Devised from diverse texts including treatises on time theory, Jeanette Winterson’s GUT Symmetries, Henry Miller, Samuel Beckett, and original writings, Faster looks at the juxtaposition between an accelerating culture and a universe that is literally slowing down. The TEAM’s sideways look at life in New York, healing and forging connections in a rushing world, and making an imprint on a dying universe.