Give Up! Start Over!

(In the darkest of times I look to Richard Nixon for hope)

A woman has swallowed her television. She is the subject of a scientific experiment: Can a human survive if no one is watching? Isolated in a room with a video camera that may or may not connect her to the outside world, the Experiment begins to channel personalities stolen from game shows, Access Hollywood, and most infamously, America’s 37th President.

On a desperate quest of the real, she is haunted by his immortal words: “Isn’t it a hell of a thing? That the fate of a great nation can depend on camera angles…”

Give Up! Start Over! is a relentless solo performance about reality television, Richard Nixon, and the search for authenticity in America. Winner of the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe First Award, the work has been seen in London, Glasgow, and New York City.