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We’re Hiring!

We’re adding a new member to the TEAM! Seeking a highly organized and self-motivated General Manager. Inquire within…

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2013: A Year In Review

As we end the year (and celebrate our official NINTH anniversary!), we’re taking a moment to look back at a whirlwind year, and mark the achievements and adventures of 2013.

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TagTEAM: Jess interviews Jake

Each month (ish) for the next year, TEAM members are taking turns interviewing a fellow artist in the company. In our first post, Jess Almasy interviews Jake Margolin about joining the TEAM, meeting his husband, and making art about America:
“I remember at times thinking that we were really coming up with something new and really touching the pulse of something, and I remember at times feeling like we were just barely keeping our heads above water.”


We Like to Party.

Stick on your sideburns! Come croon and swoon with RoosevElvis one last time for a hip-shakin’ celebration! Following our final performance, join us onstage and on the roof for a fantastic final hurrah, featuring raffle prizes, Mt. Rushmore photo ops, rooftop views, and (always) exceptional company.

…Did we mention admission includes all the beer and wine you can drink?

Nice! High five for RoosevElvis playing in two more cities

RoosevElvis Reviews Are In!

“RoosevElvis is far too empathetic a play to lend itself to cold deconstruction…[It’s] the company’s most intimate work that I’ve seen, and also its warmest…a lot fresher than most new plays you’ll see this season.” – Ben Brantley, New York Times


RoosevElvis Films are Live

Throughout the week we’re be rolling out a series of short films for RoosevElvis to our mailing list and on Facebook and Twitter. To view them all, click here. The first two are below. RoosevElvis: Film One from the TEAM on Vimeo.     RoosevElvis: Film Two from the TEAM on Vimeo.

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Updates from the Road II: RoosevElvis

Here’s the second installment from assistant director Kevin Hourigan’s RoosevElvis road journal. “Day 5: We have hit the height of our sleep deprivation. Accordingly, we have been operating heavy machinery, shooting guns, and driving for long stretches. We have reached the point where the boundary between wakefulness and sleep has blurred. The benefit is that we have been able to do an immense amount of dreaming in the daytime.”


Updates from the Road: RoosevElvis

As you may have heard, our RoosevElvis team has been researching, writing, and filming while on an epic road trip from the Badlands to Graceland. Now midway through their journey, here’s an excerpt of assistant director Kevin Hourigan’s daily updates from the road.

Our Favorite #MissionDrift Tweets

Before we arrived in London, the hashtag #MissionDrift was more likely to turn up conversation about, you know, actual mission drift. Of the organizational variety. As of June 5, however, we’ve witnessed a complete and utter hashtag takeover by our audiences at the National Theatre Shed, with overwhelmingly positive (and often profanely so) comments about […]

The RoosevElvis Campaign is ON: Help us get from the Badlands to Graceland!

The RoosevElvis Campaign is ON: Help us get from the Badlands to Graceland!

So we have just launched the fundraising campaign for our new duet, RoosevElvis, featuring Libby and Kristen. We are thrilled to be headlining the Bushwick Starr’s 2013-14 season, which will also mark our 1st-ever World Premiere on American soil! This fundraising campaign is vital to the success of the show. We need you to help […]

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