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Our Favorite #MissionDrift Tweets

Before we arrived in London, the hashtag #MissionDrift was more likely to turn up conversation about, you know, actual mission drift. Of the organizational variety. As of June 5, however, we’ve witnessed a complete and utter hashtag takeover by our audiences at the National Theatre Shed, with overwhelmingly positive (and often profanely so) comments about […]

The RoosevElvis Campaign is ON: Help us get from the Badlands to Graceland!

The RoosevElvis Campaign is ON: Help us get from the Badlands to Graceland!

So we have just launched the fundraising campaign for our new duet, RoosevElvis, featuring Libby and Kristen. We are thrilled to be headlining the Bushwick Starr’s 2013-14 season, which will also mark our 1st-ever World Premiere on American soil! This fundraising campaign is vital to the success of the show. We need you to help […]

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Mission Drift London Press

In June 2013, the TEAM took Mission Drift across the pond to The Shed, the National Theatre’s temporary theatrical space on the South Bank in London, where it was met with great enthusiasm and positive reviews. Check out what the London press had to say about Mission Drift and the TEAM: “A theatrical tornado, and a sideways […]


it’s a really exciting time for the TEAM in terms of internal development as we begin to experiment + grow administratively via the guidance of Creative Capital. as recipients of this adventurous investment, we are endeavoring as a Petri Dish, the four of us who rep the company convening every two weeks to architect infrastructure […]

The Creative Capital Grant in the WSJ

We are so thrilled to be among this year’s class of Creative Capital grants! It is one of the coolest grants around, providing not just financial support for artists, but, well, creative support as well. There was a terrific article in the Wall Street Journal today about the 2013 grantees entitled Where Good Ideas Go […]

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A note from our assistant director, end of year in the TEAM room

I’ve been lucky enough to spend pretty much the entire month of December with the TEAM. I couldn’t think of a better way to close out 2012. For me, the past few weeks have been a matter of juggling my involvement in two of the TEAM’s long term projects, Primer For a Failed Superpower and […]

Columbo Sphinx: best questioner ever.

The TEAM Needs You…

…To answer a few questions. In the history of great question askers, Det. Columbo, that student that’s always hanging out with Socrates, The Sphinx, we at the The TEAM have come up with 3 quick, down and dirty questions that will help us in our quest to bring our shows to audiences and bring audiences […]

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Updates from the Bad/Grace/Land

I’m writing from the Apple store where they’re helping me organize my 105,000+ emails that I’ve never deleted or organized. Unsure what people mean when they say “archive”… This morn we were back in rehearsals for RoosevElvis, our new duet featuring Libby and Kristen as Elvis and Theodore Roosevelt, respectively. We’re preparing to head to […]

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