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The TEAM at the recording studio!

Video of Recording the Heys! I am sitting on the couch being useless (or rather, getting much work done on the marketing front) while Tater bakes bread (no joke) in the kitchen and the beautiful Mission Drift cast records vocal tracks for our cast album! What a trip… It’s funny watching them carry on one-way […]

Mission Drift cover

Oh babies, it’s that time of the year…

Time for our Annual TEAM Spring Benefit! It’s in the evening of May 5th – and feast your eyes on what we have in store for you. Pies made with care. Pickles made with love. Poker played with punch…that is, Spiked Lemonade. Performances inspired by and/or dedicated to this great nation of ours. And if that’s […]

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Architecting: “★★★★★” – The Scotsman

“The TEAM are theatrical excavators of American culture, American dreams and the American psyche, understanding the intimate connection between past and present, celluloid and reality… it is alive with ghosts, fractured, full of the winds of change, half-remembered dreams. It is tender, elegiac and tough.” –The Guardian, London “How stimulating to wake up in 2009 in […]

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More Architecting Press Reactions

“Enthralling and infuriating, funny and tragic, intelligent and downright lunatic – it is impossible to have a simple response to this extraordinary production… One leaves the theatre thrilled by a company so determined to push the boundaries of theatrical possibility.” –Telegraph, London “We are constantly told that theatre is the medium of the present tense, […]

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Particularly in the Heartland Press Reactions

“Explosive youthful energy…sheer intelligence…sense of history…radical theatricalvision…the TEAM are not afraid to invoke the values and ideas that make the liberal dream of America worth fighting for: and it’s that willingness to express idealism and hope, as well as cynicism and despair, that gives their work its special richness, and its political edge…the current American crisis has driven […]

Governor's Island

Governor’s Island/LMCC Residency

I walked through the financial district on my way to rehearsal this morning. I was struck by the architecture of risk taking: massive overhangs supported by a thread, sharp angles so jaunty as to appear arrogant. I passed a sculpture of compacted cubes of destroyed auto parts hanging from the roof of a massive skyscraper. I […]

Two lists to describe our first 13 days in Vegas

Some things we’ve seen outside of the rehearsal room: Casinos and missiles Timeshare tours Million dollar watches The Grand Canyon (which is not in Las Vegas or NV) and rain in the desert. Some things we’ve done in the rehearsal room: We’ve had a pool party. We’ve dropped an atomic bomb on Jonathan Edwards, an […]

Las Vegas: Moving in

The house is still beautiful this morning. We’re trying to make the place our own. One of the first things everyone did was take pictures of the three foreclosure notices on the front door, as if each of us owning the image gave us some stake in the legally-limboed property we’re sleeping in.

And now it’s on to Boston!

We’ve been rehearsing for Heartland at ART’s Emerging America Festival.  Watching the video of the piece from Toronto I was struck by how different we all look.  I guess just younger, but also different somehow . . . It is wonderful to be revisiting this play.  The themes we were grappling with then seem just […]

Sitting at a table in Annaghmakerring

I almost spelled the name of the location correctly without looking (this title is correct – at least, from an Irish woman!) So I am learning quickly what a glorious thing an artists’ retreat is.  Wishing I was a playwright to get to do these more often!  Tonight we had left-overs from lunch for dinner […]