RoosevElvis in Boston: the reviews are in!


The Boston Globe:

“Funny, thoughtful, affecting…the excellent performances of actors Libby King and Kristen Sieh, and [Rachel] Chavkin’s clever direction, carry the day.”

WBUR The Artery:

“Strange, charming and highly likable…a straight-ahead, full-tilt voyage through man- (and woman-) hood.”


“Not your ordinary take on history or gender…[an] imaginative, theatrical collage.”

Boston Events Insider:

“Weirdly brilliant…surprisingly emotional…wildly entertaining.”

A limited number of seats and standing room have been released for our final 13 performances at A.R.T. Book now!

New World Premiere at Edinburgh International Festival

ATGOL key image 1000px

We are so. excited. to announce that our latest collaboration with the National Theatre of Scotland, Anything That Gives Off Light, will make its world premiere at the Edinburgh International Festival in August 2016.

From the press release:

Every light casts a shadow…

The National Theatre of Scotland, the TEAM and the Edinburgh International Festival are delighted to announce the world premiere of a new co-production Anything That Gives Off Light, which will premiere at the Edinburgh International Festival in August 2016.

Anything That Gives Off Light uses the Scottish Enlightenment as a lens through which to examine the contrasting and overlapping national myths of Scotland and America. This new collaboration is set to premiere in August 2016 and marks the debut of the TEAM at the Edinburgh International Festival.

Written collaboratively, Anything That Gives Off Light, is led by Rachel Chavkin, the TEAM Artistic Director, and Davey Anderson, whose work as Associate Director with the National Theatre of Scotland includes Enquirer, To Begin, Black Watch and Home.

Anything That Gives Off Light follows the story of a Scottish man who, after years of living in London, catches the sleeper train north to the heart of Scotland for a homecoming he’s been putting off for years.  In a pub, an American woman drinks alone, trying to remember who she is while forgetting where she came from. When their paths collide they set off on a tour of the Highlands, slipping through the cracks between present and past, waking and dreaming, the real and the imagined. But as they shed the layers of their national identities, the ghosts of dead philosophers, crofters, cowboys, myth-makers and soothsayers get ever closer.

Featuring live music from the Scottish-American folk tradition, and the TEAM’s trademark athletic performance style, this foot-stomping collaboration explores the tension between self interest and sacrifice and the individual and the collective in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

We’re looking forward to another summer in Scotland!

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We need YOU to send us your favorite protest songs

We’re headed back into the rehearsal room for Primer for a Failed Superpower, our newest project for which we are forming a multigenerational cover band comprised of 10 teenagers, 10 TEAM members, and 10 elders (ages 65+) to play a concert of protest songs from the past 75 years through today. Listen to the podcast from our last workshop here:

Our next order of business is picking the rest of the songs we’ll cover together, and we need your help to crowdsource the widest cross-section of songs possible.

What song encapsulates a particular geopolitical moment for you?
What song feels like “your America”?
What song did you rage to in your bedroom as a teenager?
What song today makes you want to march in the street?

Send us YouTube videos, Spotify mixes, or titles/artists. Tell us why that song matters to you (if you want). Ask your students, younger siblings/cousins. Ask your grandma and send us her protest song.

Tweet, Facebook, or Instagram us @theteamplays using #PrimerPlaylistor email with“Primer playlist” in the subject line. Rehearsals begin January 25, so don’t wait! 

And we’ll add all of your suggestions to our ever-growing Spotify playlist:

Seeking Spring/Summer Interns!

Intern with the TEAM!

The TEAM is looking for college students or recent grads for Spring/Summer internships in our Brooklyn office.

Interns will work alongside company and staff members on production management, marketing and outreach, touring, video and press archiving, fundraising, and grants/donor management. We place a high priority on giving interns ownership of projects and tangible experience in the day to day administration of a small ensemble company. When possible, interns will also support rehearsals and artistic development, as well as TEAM-led devising workshops.

A minimum commitment of 8 hours/week is required. The TEAM’s office hours are 10am-6pm Monday-Friday. Scheduling is otherwise very flexible.

If interested, please send a cover letter and resume to with “internship” in the subject line.

We look forward to working with you!

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COIL 2016 TEAM Takeover!

Although the TEAM is not presenting a show in PS122’s COIL Festival this January, not one but TWO of our company members are! Help us pack the house for a special TEAM Takeover night at each show–buy tickets to the performance specified below and stay for drinks with the TEAM after! Be sure to use the code TEAM so we know that you’re coming.

The Holler Sessions

Written & Performed by Frank Boyd
Created in Collaboration with the TEAM
Paradise Factory
January 6-17, 2016
TEAM Takeover: January 16 @ 8pm

Buy tickets

“Frank Boyd’s one-man theater piece is a vital exhortation on the significance of jazz…it should be required viewing for all musicians, music lovers, pop-culture fiends, artists, art fans and American people over the age of 7.” – City Arts, Seattle


Written & Performed by Chris Thorpe
Developed & Directed by Rachel Chavkin
The Invisible Dog Art Center
January 13-17, 2016
TEAM Takeover: January 14 @ 7pm 

Buy tickets

“…a fiercely intelligent and relentlessly curious piece that strives for the truth.” – Herald Scotland

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Looking Back on 2015

This year was chock-full of celebration. RoosevElvis returned to NYC and began an international tour. We started a cover band. We celebrated a decade together. We even published a BOOK!

We cannot overstate how much the life of the TEAM has been made possible by the encouragement, support, and fierce love of a small army of friends, family, interns, volunteers, and like minds. As we embark on a new year and our next decade together, we ask that you please consider making a year-end gift to take us into 2016.

$55:  $1 for each of the 55 RoosevElvis performances for 2015-2016?
$37: $1 for each of the 37 times we performed RoosevElvis this year?


10th Anniversary Gala

We celebrated 10 years as a company with an amazing anniversary bash this past April. There was cake, cheer, and a whole lot of Campbell’s soup. Check out the highlights video here


RoosevElvis at COIL and The Royal Court

In JanuaryRoosevElvis returned to NYC at the Vineyard Theater as part of PS122’s COIL Festival, and then began touring with a London debut at the Royal Court (our  next stop in Minneapolis is less than a month away!). We were met by wonderful audiences and rave reviews: “It’s a joyride into the construction of identity, and one with unexpected emotional resonance.” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian


Five Plays by the TEAM launches in Brooklyn and London

To mark ten years together, we published an anthology of our first five plays, and celebrated with book launches in Brooklyn and London. Available now online and at a bookstore near you!


Primer for a Failed Superpower workshop at BRIC

In April, we teamed up with some extraordinary elder collaborators in our latest workshop of Primer, spending two weeks sharing stories and learning how to play protest songs together. Listen to the podcast here!

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RoosevElvis London reviews are in!


“An exhilaratingly bumpy ride into the myth-making landscape of America…The pleasure is in the piece’s highly developed sense of the ridiculous…It’s a joyride into the construction of identity, and one with unexpected emotional resonance.”

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“Combines witty cultural literacy with a tender intimacy… anchored by two performances of enormous conviction – a technically dazzling one from Sieh and a subtle, profoundly emotional one from King that lays bare the soul of America as a land full of heroes that is also a very lonely place to be.”

The Telegraph

“The juxtaposition of President and popstar encapsulates something vital about masculinity…Image is key too: the way we present to the world, the identities we construct online, and our failure to measure up to our sense of self or our sense of others. It is, amongst other things, one of the best portraits of depression I’ve ever seen.”

Matt Trueman, What’s On Stage

“Two brilliant comic performances, born from rigorous research and intense acts of gender-bending empathy, make this a surprisingly easy sell from the get-go…when a company as talented as The TEAM serve an all-you-can-eat-feast, it’s worth adjusting your waistband.”

Time Out London

Photo: Helen Murray

From Jake: “Every 28 Hours” in St. Louis


I am honored to be representing the TEAM this week in St Louis for the “28 Hour Plays,” for which playwrights and actors from around the country are joining with St. Louisans to write and perform in 80, one-minute plays in reaction to Mike Brown’s murder in Ferguson in 2014, the ensuing unrest, and the broader Black Lives Matter movement.

I have met and gotten to listen to some of the most extraordinary people in the last four days. On Wednesday night we got to hear Elizabeth Vega talk about her activism as an artist in Ferguson and beyond. Her organizations ROOT COOP and Artivists are a complete inspiration and she is a demonstration of how to live life right. Marty K Casey has been unbelievably generous in showing us St. Louis through her perspective, and her Show Me Arts Academy is an awesome assertion that the Arts can actually save people. Basmin Red Deer’s entire world outlook and contextualization of the unrest in Ferguson has been something of a paradigm shift for me. I feel incredibly lucky to know about these women and to become familiar with their work.

Elizabeth Vega talked about a perception that the movement has died down, and cautioned the world not to mistake the quiet laying of the foundations of a sustainable movement for the end of the movement.  It is very much alive here in the center of the country.

One of the other playwrights here is Nikkole Salter, who many of us in the TEAM met in 2006 in Edinburgh when we were performing Particularly in the Heartland and she was in a two-woman show also at the Traverse.  When she remembered who I was she said that seeing Heartland was the first time that she truly felt American.  In the last four days I have begun to understand for the first time something about what it is to be American.  And it is beyond unsettling.

When asked by a visiting playwright whether she had any advice for theater artists who might fear that theater isn’t enough, an activist here replied, “do it anyway”.  That struck me deeply.  I have met people who are doing anything they can, and dedicating their lives to a movement, in the belief that the world can get better.

And we’re off!

The TEAM is headed both West and East this week!

RoosevElvis Royal Court pic

RoosevElvis is loading in at the Royal Court as we speak (check out that gorgeous neon marquee action!) and Teddy and Elvis are departing for England tomorrow. We begin previews next Wednesday and are ecstatic about the month ahead. U.K. friends: book tickets on the Royal Court website if you haven’t already!

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 12.52.25 PM

The TEAM’s very own Jake Margolin is simultaneously gearing up to represent the company in St. Louis County, MO as part of #Every28Hours.

Every 28 Hours is a national theater event inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Jake will spend the next week, in conjunction with artists and theater companies from across the nation, generating over 60 one-minute plays in response to the systemic oppression of black people in the United States. For more information, check out the Every 28 Hours Facebook page.

It’s going to be a busy week in both cities! Check back on the blog, InstagramFacebook, and Twitter for more updates.


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This October, we’re incredibly proud to be participating in Every 28 Hours, a national delegation of theatres and artists headed to Ferguson and St. Louis. TEAM member Jake Margolin will join an incredible roster of artists to stage a series of one-minute, site-specific plays in response to the widely shared statistic that every 28 hours in America, a black person is killed by the police.

Collaborators include: Richard Montoya, Ralph Remington, Dominique Morriseau, Liza Jesse Peterson, Stew, Rickerby Hinds, Robert Schenkkan, Aurin Squire, Idris Goodwin, Jim Mcmanus, Shishir Kurup, Robert Alexander, Zakiyyah Alexander, Larissa Fasthorse, Tavia Nyongo, David Henry Hwang, Lynn Nottage, The Black Rep, St. Louis Shakespeare Festival, That Uppity Theatre Company, St Louis Rep Theater, Salt House Collective, Trinity Rep, The TEAM, Know Theatre, Salvage Vanguard Theatre, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Voices United, Sojourn Theater, Looking Glass Theater, Urban Theater Movement, Fishtank Performance Studio, Cleveland Public Theater, Guthrie Theater, ACT, The National Black Theater

For more information, read the press release here.

Look for updates from Jake in October here on our blog and across our social media, and please consider chipping in to the project’s Indiegogo campaign.

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