Modesto ‘Flako’ Jimenez


Modesto “Flako” Jimenez is a Dominican-born, Bushwick-raised, multi-hyphenate artist. His work exists in and explores the intersections of identity, language, mediums, cultures, and communities found in his personal life and beyond. Flako’s recent work includes Taxilandia, a multifaceted Bushwick community tour and poetic experience from the back of a taxi cab that earned the NY Times Critics Pick. Flako is the founder of ¡Oye! Group, a nonprofit that serves as an incubator for artists both native and immigrant to New York City. Flako has been selected as a Princeton Hodder Fellow for 2023-2024. In 2021, Flako received a Jerome Foundation Fellowship and a Foundation for Contemporary Arts award in performing arts and theater. Flako is currently working on Mercedes, a multi-disciplinary art experience exploring the relationships between matriarchy and ancestors, familial bonds and inherited trauma, and how our identity can impact our mental health.