Collaboration and Creative Problem-Solving

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Photo credit: Em Watson

Since 2004, the TEAM has evolved a unique group writing process comprised of group research and brainstorming, individual creative assignments, and a consensus-driven editing process to produce a final, unified work.

The TEAM’s collaborative process can be a valuable tool for other teams in both the business and nonprofit sectors. Our workshop Devising Within A Democracy, taught by members of the company, can help groups learn to work more collaboratively through creative problem-solving. We will work closely with your organization to tailor the duration, focus, and capacity of the workshop to best suit your needs.

Topics covered:

  • Creating a group bond and common vision
  • Cultivating open-minded leadership strategies
  • Empowering individuals to contribute to the group vision
  • Tools for overcoming interpersonal communication challenges
  • Staying individually engaged and energized around a group task
  • Strategies for group decision-making

For more information about organizing a TEAM workshop for your organization or company, please email