the TEAM at 10: Bruised Buskers as told by Jess (with a crucial detail supplied by Jill)

Bruised BuskersAs the TEAM celebrates its 10th Anniversary, we’re sharing our favorite memories from the last 10 years together.

JESS: Jill and I were busking for the team on Princes Street in Edinburgh for A Thousand Natural Shocks and we were handing out flyers for the show. The flyers had Brian’s face on them with a big black eye because we had a huge boxing montage between Hamlet (who I played) and Laertes (played by Brian). Jill and I and the rest of the team were walking around with black eyes and bruises on our faces and boxing gloves. This little red headed Scottish kid comes up to me, plump, broguey, and total UK-style Little Rascals and punches me. Hard.

He may have said something. Maybe Jill remembers…

All I know is he scared the shit out of me and was one tough seven year old.

JILL: This is a true story. An important detail is that the red headed seven year old was also smoking a cigarette as he punched her.


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The TEAM Makes a Book!

book launch graphic v2

After compiling, editing, and proofreading for nearly a year, we now have in our hot little hands an anthology of five of our plays, hot off the press from Oberon Books in London. And we’re throwing a party! Join us for an intimate evening at one of Brooklyn’s most delightful local independent bookstores, BookCourt. We’ll read excerpts, take questions, drink wine, and sign books like real authors do.

Saturday, January 31st at 7pm
163 Court Street, Brooklyn

RSVP here

Can’t make it to Brooklyn, but want to snag a copy? Buy one now and we’ll ship it to you!
UK Friends: order directly from Oberon Books here.

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the TEAM at 10: Jill On Eggs…


Jill and Libby in Particularly in the Heartland

Over the month of December, as the TEAM celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary, the company will share their favorite memories from the last 10 years. 

There’s a lot of eggs in Particularly in the Heartland. There are six glitter filled eggs for New Years (hand blown each day into large bowls filled with raw egg. We ate so many omelettes on those tours our company cholesterol was at an all time high). There’s five raw eggs for audience members to throw at Anna Springer and one for her to crush on her forehead in a lesson about consequences. One raw egg to be blown directly onto my face during the Biblical alien invasion, and of course one hard boiled egg to be stored in my mouth for ten minutes and magically appear upon waking up human.


Jill accompanied by Anna and Todd’s hands.

Thank god for awesome stage managers to help coordinate all this.

The mouth egg was my personal responsibility, though. It had to be just right- not too big (ten minutes playing dead in a wheelbarrow is a long time to keep an egg in your mouth. I lived in fear of getting a cold and not being able to breathe through my nose) and not too small (if any of the cast living through The Rapture bumped into the wheelbarrow I’d swallow it). There was also the matter of actual hard boiling- sometimes on tour we were without kitchen. I remember once boiling an egg in the top of an electric tea kettle- not recommended.

After the raw egg was blown on my face, there’s a music sequence where Anna and Todd wash me off. I’ll never forget the day we forgot to put water in the bucket. Being dry rubbed with industrial sponges on my egg covered face is a vivid sensoral memory. The way my costume smelled after dozens of eggy shows was also…vivid.

We performed Heartland over 100 times, and I’m proud to say I played Tracy Jo each and every time. It took awhile, but I can eat eggs again now too. – JILL

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American Theatre Wing Grantees!



We are proud and pleased to share that the TEAM is 1 of 12 recipients of the American Theatre Wing’s National Theatre Company Grant. We’re in tremendous company, with our friends at Ars Nova, Red Bull Theatre, and Keen Company in New York, and others from across the country.

The grant provides always-needed-yet-seldom-funded general operating support–to help cover decidedly less glamorous but necessary things like insurance, office rent, and toner for our relentlessly thirsty printer. The storage we rent in Connecticut to house all of our sets when we’re not on tour. Oh, and the hardworking administrative staff in our office.  Them too.

We’re thrilled and honored by the recognition of the American Theatre Wing, and grateful for their generous support.

(But we do still need project support, specifically and most immediately for The Holler Sessions. Consider making a celebratory gesture and pitching in to our Indiegogo campaign?)


UPDATE (9/30/14): Highlights from last night’s American Theatre Wing grant presentation:

An Artistic Director from a theatre company in Chicago announcing that after over 20 years of voluntary service, this grant has given his board the confidence to give him a full-time salary, and that he quit his day-job on Friday before flying to New York to receive the grant; talking with our fellow recipient theatre companies from across America, from Fargo to the Bay Area to NYC, about how they are creating, developing and sustaining their communities and their artists; the view from the Viacom building; and celebrating this great distinction/hamming it up in front of the step-and-repeat together.

More photos on Facebook.

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Seattle Here We Come!

Rachel and Matty are headed to Seattle in October for two weeks of final development on The Holler Sessions, Frank’s new one man love letter to jazz, premiering in January at On The Boards.

We need your help to get them there! We’re raising $4,000 on Indiegogo and every little bit helps! Watch our snappy pitch video and consider throwing us some dough? Airline miles are also welcome and appreciated.

Donate Now!

From a cramped and cluttered booth in Kansas City, an explosive DJ named Ray broadcasts his love of jazz music with an eccentric passion and total irreverence.The Holler Sessions includes loud music, profanity, poetry, silence, improvisation and a singular devotion to inspiring a more visceral and emotional experience of jazz – and to the belief that it is America’s truest expression of itself.

Originally conceived of during another TEAM project’s development, The Holler Sessions took on a life of its own when Frank returned to Seattle and continued creating the piece. Green-lit for On The Boards’ 2014-15 season, The Holler Sessions will be the TEAM’s first time working in the Northwest, and the first time we’re co-producing with a member of the company.

Your donation, should you choose to make one, will directly underwrite the transportation of our collaborators from one coast to the other, and ensure that everyone gets a paycheck for their work on the show. And in return for your generosity, we’ll send you goodies including a primer on jazz music you should know (curated by Matty and Ray), as well as sneak peeks of the show.

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Seeking Fall/Winter Interns

Intern with the TEAM!

The TEAM is looking for college students or recent grads for Fall/Winter internships in our Brooklyn office.

Interns will work alongside company and staff members on production management, marketing and outreach, touring, video and press archiving, fundraising, and grants/donor management. We place a high priority on giving interns ownership of projects and tangible experience in the day to day administration of a small ensemble company. When possible, interns will also support rehearsals and artistic development, as well as TEAM-led devising workshops.

A minimum commitment of 8 hours/week is required. The TEAM’s office hours are 10am-6pm Monday-Friday. Scheduling is otherwise very flexible.

If interested, please send a cover letter and resume to with “internship” in the subject line.

We look forward to working with you!

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Back to the Fringe!

Scottish Enlightenment

Our tales are similar but the endings are different… 

As Scotland grapples with the question of nationhood, we’re heading back to Edinburgh to develop a new work with the National Theatre of Scotland and Scottish artists Davey Anderson (who worked with us on Architecting), Brian Ferguson (Blackwatch original cast) and Sandy Grierson. With the philosophies of the Scottish Enlightenment as our springboard, we’re diving into the murky depths of each of our national mythologies to ask how both Americans and Scots are trapped and liberated by the stories we tell about ourselves. 

We head to Glasgow for continued development in mid-July, and will present three work-in-progress showings at the beginning of the Fringe, August 1-3 at Summerhall. Tickets and more information here.

Devise with us! Workshop on June 7th



Interested in learning more about the TEAM’s process, and how to build your own collaborative projects? Rachel will lead a 4-hour workshop next month for interested parties. Only 18 spaces available – sign up now!

Updated May 27: This workshop is fully SOLD OUT! We’re taking names for a wait list in the event of cancellations at

Devising Within a Democracy Workshop
Saturday, June 7th
Noon to 4pm
The Spaces @ 520
520 Eighth Avenue, 3rd Floor

Topics covered:

  • Moving from intellectual or thematic ideas to dynamic theatrical moments
  • Generating material through physical and written assignments
  • Cultivating an ensemble bond and navigating emotional waters amidst a process
  • Strategies for editing as a group
  • Building Dances
  • Writing on your feet (and other approaches to improvisation)

Emerging Ensemble Discount

We’re also offering a 15% discount on workshops to young and newly-formed ensembles. To qualify, at least 3 members of the ensemble must be able to attend the workshop together. Requests for ensemble registration should be emailed to, with “Ensemble Workshop Discount” in the subject heading, and information about your group. All discounts are subject to approval from the TEAM.

This workshop is open to both artists at all levels of experience, ages 18+.

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The TEAM on Screen!

Remember that time we spent 3+ years making a musical about American Capitalism?

Filmmaker Paulette Douglas traveled from NY to Vegas to Europe and back with us, and the resulting documentary is finally making its NYC debut. Join us June 26th (details below) for the NYC premiere screening, and stay after for a talkback with the cast, a beer with us at the bar, and a performance by our darling, Obie-award-winning composer Heather Christian.

The TEAM Makes A Play
Thursday, June 26 at 7:30pm
The Pershing Square Signature Center 
480 West 42nd Street
$15 advance / $20 door / $10 students

Buy Tickets Now

logo-ticketcentralNEWTickets can be purchased through Ticket Central via, by calling 212-279-4200, or in person at 416 W. 42nd Street (12-8pm daily).