End-of-Summer Workshops!

Join us for two evening classes in Brooklyn before the summer winds down and the fall season ramps up: “Self-Producing for Artists and Ensembles” on August 26, and “Directing for Ensembles and Devised Work” on September 2.

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RoosevElvis London Premiere Announced!

Royal Court RoosevElvis image

Big news! We are so very excited that RoosevElvis is headed to The Royal Court Theatre in October for its official London debut. Tickets are on sale to the public beginning Friday, July 17th.

For more information, visit:

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RoosevElvis on the road again!

Nice! High five for RoosevElvis playing in two more cities

More chances to see RoosevElvis? Definitely high-five worthy


Teddy and Elvis will be hitting the road once again!

RoosevElvis will bring some hunka hunka burnin’ love to our friends in Minneapolis for the Walker Arts Center’s 2016 Out There Festival, January 7th-9th. (Buy tickets now!)

The show then travels to Teddy’s alma mater for a 4 week run at A.R.T.’s OBERON, May 6th-29th. Click here for ticket information–advance tickets are available now with a season subscription.

If you’re in either city, or if you want to follow Teddy and Elvis’ example and take a road trip, we’d be delighted to see you there!

And stay tuned for another exciting announcement before the end of the summer….ohhhh the suspense!


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Tune In: Primer on Mayfest Radio!


We’re excited to announce our first foray into podcasting, thanks to the fine folks at Mayfest, one of the UK’s most exciting festivals of contemporary theatre.

Starting Friday morning (at or around 8:50am) and streaming through the duration of the festival, you can hear snippets of songs and stories recorded during our most recent workshop of Primer for a Failed Superpower

Listen now!


Photo by Em Watson.

Join us April 2nd to celebrate 10 years together

Gala site header

To celebrate a decade together, we’re throwing a party to top them all. Big scale.

Joining us for a performance of scenes, songs, and highlights from our past ten years:

Mandy Patinkin
Kathryn Grody
Taylor Mac
Cristin Milioti
Lucy Alibar
TR Knight
Cory Michael Smith

(and a few last-minute warriors, cause that’s how we roll)

There will be music, there will be raffle prizes and sweet auction items, and there will be drinks a-plenty. And most importantly, there will be excellent company. And we hope that includes YOU.

Thursday, April 2nd
The Green Building
452 Union Street, Brooklyn
6:30pm Dinner | 8pm Doors

Come early to join us for a VIP dinner with the TEAM and friends, or join us for the main event beginning at 8pm. Open. Bar.
Tickets are $30 in advance / $75 and we’ll throw in a signed copy of our anthology / $40 at the door

Purchase Tickets Now

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We’re auditioning! If you’re 65 or older…

We’re auditioning people aged 65+ for a developmental workshop of our latest project, Primer For a Failed Superpower, a theatrical concert event.

The final piece, slated for 2016 in New York, will feature a multigenerational cover band of TEAM ensemble members, teenagers and elders playing songs of social/political outrage, intercut with movement and candid conversation between 3 generations about personal and national power.

We Are Seeking:

Community-minded citizens ages 65+ with an interest in collaboration and performing. Musical ability is a plus, opinions and the willingness to creatively express them is a must. 

  • Performance experience, musical capability
  • Willingness and ability to perform and contribute autobiographical material
  • The ability to generate collaborative material (including spoken and written material as well as movement/choreography)
  • Diversity of experience in living and relating to our country

Workshop Dates
The workshop will take place April 5-18, 2015 in Brooklyn, with daily rehearsals for the senior ensemble from 2pm to 5pm. The workshop will conclude with a public presentation of the work-in-progress on April 18. Some schedule flexibility is possible—please be sure to include any schedule conflicts for the workshop dates in your email to schedule an audition.

The workshop will be unpaid, but a travel stipend will be provided to all participants.


To schedule an audition, please email with “Primer Auditions” in the subject heading, and include your full name and contact information. A representative of the company will be in touch with you to schedule an appointment. 

To audition, please prepare the following:

1) Choose a song that feels like your America to bring to your audition. We will be able to play cds, mp3 files, YouTube videos, or plug our speakers into a headphone jack on most phones, laptops, or an iPod/Pad.

2) Fill in the blanks, and be prepared to speak the text for us:

When I was born, I was ______________.
I grew to view my country as a __________________.
I heard this song: _________________________
Which made me feel like _________________________.
I wondered what I could do to change that.
All around me, I see _____________________.
I want you to ___________________________.
I sing because ___________________________.
Then play (either yourself with an instrument, or a recording) or sing us your song from the first activity.

Please also bring with you a resume of relevant performance experience, or a brief bio about yourself, and a recent picture.

the TEAM at 10: Bruised Buskers as told by Jess (with a crucial detail supplied by Jill)

Bruised BuskersAs the TEAM celebrates its 10th Anniversary, we’re sharing our favorite memories from the last 10 years together.

JESS: Jill and I were busking for the team on Princes Street in Edinburgh for A Thousand Natural Shocks and we were handing out flyers for the show. The flyers had Brian’s face on them with a big black eye because we had a huge boxing montage between Hamlet (who I played) and Laertes (played by Brian). Jill and I and the rest of the team were walking around with black eyes and bruises on our faces and boxing gloves. This little red headed Scottish kid comes up to me, plump, broguey, and total UK-style Little Rascals and punches me. Hard.

He may have said something. Maybe Jill remembers…

All I know is he scared the shit out of me and was one tough seven year old.

JILL: This is a true story. An important detail is that the red headed seven year old was also smoking a cigarette as he punched her.


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The TEAM Makes a Book!

book launch graphic v2

After compiling, editing, and proofreading for nearly a year, we now have in our hot little hands an anthology of five of our plays, hot off the press from Oberon Books in London. And we’re throwing a party! Join us for an intimate evening at one of Brooklyn’s most delightful local independent bookstores, BookCourt. We’ll read excerpts, take questions, drink wine, and sign books like real authors do.

Saturday, January 31st at 7pm
163 Court Street, Brooklyn

RSVP here

Can’t make it to Brooklyn, but want to snag a copy? Buy one now and we’ll ship it to you!
UK Friends: order directly from Oberon Books here.

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the TEAM at 10: Jill On Eggs…


Jill and Libby in Particularly in the Heartland

Over the month of December, as the TEAM celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary, the company will share their favorite memories from the last 10 years. 

There’s a lot of eggs in Particularly in the Heartland. There are six glitter filled eggs for New Years (hand blown each day into large bowls filled with raw egg. We ate so many omelettes on those tours our company cholesterol was at an all time high). There’s five raw eggs for audience members to throw at Anna Springer and one for her to crush on her forehead in a lesson about consequences. One raw egg to be blown directly onto my face during the Biblical alien invasion, and of course one hard boiled egg to be stored in my mouth for ten minutes and magically appear upon waking up human.


Jill accompanied by Anna and Todd’s hands.

Thank god for awesome stage managers to help coordinate all this.

The mouth egg was my personal responsibility, though. It had to be just right- not too big (ten minutes playing dead in a wheelbarrow is a long time to keep an egg in your mouth. I lived in fear of getting a cold and not being able to breathe through my nose) and not too small (if any of the cast living through The Rapture bumped into the wheelbarrow I’d swallow it). There was also the matter of actual hard boiling- sometimes on tour we were without kitchen. I remember once boiling an egg in the top of an electric tea kettle- not recommended.

After the raw egg was blown on my face, there’s a music sequence where Anna and Todd wash me off. I’ll never forget the day we forgot to put water in the bucket. Being dry rubbed with industrial sponges on my egg covered face is a vivid sensoral memory. The way my costume smelled after dozens of eggy shows was also…vivid.

We performed Heartland over 100 times, and I’m proud to say I played Tracy Jo each and every time. It took awhile, but I can eat eggs again now too. – JILL

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